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We specialise in partnering with businesses. We provide an individual approach for each business on a fixed-fee basis, meaning you have clarity and control over cost.

We provide a tailored approach to your specific needs and can include all or any of the following:

Currencies ​

Access to over 30 currencies, payments executed from in-country accounts. Ensuring speed of delivery and the avoidance of intermediary bank fees

Security of funds

We partners with The Currency Cloud who deliver our foreign exchange and payment services

Single point of contact

You will work with a single point of contact for all your payments and operational items


- Client Number 1 -

Client is a large food importer making two payment runs per week in Euro payments, client spends approx. £400K per month on Euros. Their set up when we met was to have two brokers who they shared the business between, they were untrusting of either one to keep the rates competitive. Despite this they were still paying a 0.6% margin to them both.

Solution: We offered a fixed margin of 0.3% for all of their business with complete pricing transparency. Working with a single provider has resulted in savings and reduced man hours devoted to executing trades and payments.

Client saves approx.: £1,200 per month / £14,400 per year

These experiences may not be indicative of all customers, results may vary.

- Client Number 2 -

A small and growing exporter of household appliances had been using their bank to receive their incoming currency payments. Their currency accounts at the bank cost them money each month and had payment fees attached to receive funds. The rates they were getting, when repatriating their currency into Sterling, were not competitive at all.

Solution: We set the client up and issued them with a free of char
ge multi-currency account, the
details of which they began using with their customers. This has meant they have been able to expand their exporting activity. In addition, we were able to reduce the margin on their currency transactions by 1.5%.

Client saves approx.: £350 per month / £4,200 per year and this is growing in line with their business

These experiences may not be indicative of all customers, results may vary.

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