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Working with individuals to ensure a best-in-class experience when moving your own money around the world.

Regular transfers

Set up a regular payment overseas for a pension or mortgage with bank beating rates and secure delivery

Overseas property

When buying or selling a house outside the UK, we can assist in reducing the cost of what can be a once in a lifetime large transaction

Emigrating / coming home

When moving your personal wealth, it is critical that currency risk fluctuations be minimised and managed


- Client Number 1 -

Janet and Mike were emigrating to Australia and has been referred to us as an alternative to their bank, to assist with moving the funds from the sale of their London property to Brisbane. Neither of them had moved such a large amount of money (close to £2 million) and they had very little experience in trading one currency to another.

Solution: We were able to significantly reduce the cost of moving their Sterling into Aussie Dollars and worked closely with the clients to ensure they made as informed a decision as was possible when exchanging their funds.

Client saves approx.: £28,500

These experiences may not be indicative of all customers, results may vary.

- Client Number 2 -

Glen was selling his house in Portugal (€600K) and had been advised by his estate agent to work with a currency broker they had ties with. He was referred to us as a way of exploring if there might be a more competitive way to exchange his Euros into GBP. Glen readily admitted he had no experience of moving funds from one country/currency to another.

Solution: We identified the opportunity we had to target a better rate than was currently on offer in the currency market, ahead of his completion date. Unlike the online app we were more proactive in targeting specific rates in the market. We were also able to sharpen the rate he was getting from the app.

Client received an extra: £5,000

These experiences may not be indicative of all customers, results may vary.

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